tower thrift

Project type
Logos, Collateral, Social,
This branding was conducted through Adobe creative suite, & Procreate
Design and develop a cohesive branding that will provide customers with a welcoming thrifting experience that supports Course Material Scholarships for the Univesity Co-op, which is a not-for-profit.
Curating clothing for students close to campus eliminates the possibility of them not having attire for their interviews, presentations, and any other activity they have.
These were the first drafts of the logo
These were the last round of drafts of the logo before the final
This was the final logo that implemented Tower Thrift mission.
These were the store mockups of the tower thrift location
These are photos of the final design of the tower thrift location
We had to create a flyer that gave customers a document that they donated to Tower Thrift and what they donated to.
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